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5 Opulent and Elegant Kitchen Slab Material designs for your countertops

Published: June 22, 2022

5 Opulent and Elegant Kitchen Slab Material designs for your countertops

A kitchen countertop is the most important aspect of a modular kitchen design. Your kitchen countertop can decide the aesthetic flow of your entire kitchen. We know you dream of a modular kitchen with opulent and elegant aesthetics, something that will strike a pleasing chord in the eyes of anyone who gazes upon it. This is possible when you choose the best kitchen slab material for your countertop design.

As we have already established in our previous blog that among the various options of kitchen slab material you get in the market, Stonelam stands at the pinnacle of all due to its aesthetic appeal and properties that make it a long-lasting choice for your kitchen.

In this blog, we will show and brief you on Stonelam’s 5 most opulent and elegant kitchen slab material designs for your countertops:


A creamy and milky countertop design for people with taste who likes to keep things simple but elegant. Bianco Assoluto is the perfect choice for those who prefer a monochromatic design of white aesthetics for a modular kitchen design.

White kitchen aesthetics is the utmost form of luxury that is something that most people desire. For those who don’t, they are often worried about the white colour getting dirty too easily from stains. But, Stonelam porcelain slabs are stain-resistant making sure that nothing can ruin the smooth cleanliness of your dream modular kitchen design.


Moving from plain creamy aesthetics to white designs with a bit of artistic panache. Bianco Statuario Venato is a design mix of plain white stone with a splash of elegant black shades. This provides a blend of elegant and artistic aesthetics that helps your kitchen lay a striking impression on everyone who looks at it.

The design is mostly preferred by people who want to keep a different design and colour combination between their kitchen countertop and shutters.


Just like in the name, the colour design of Diamond Cream resembles a blend of milky cream colour as the base with textures of white artistry. Diamond Cream, just like Bianco Statuario Venato is a great option for those who want their kitchen countertop colours to come in with an elegance of plain cream colour with a hint of artistic style.

Diamond Cream perfectly goes along with any shades of white or cream thus being a great alternative to not white, but light-coloured modular kitchen aesthetics.


Moving away from the light-coloured kitchen slab materials, Nero Greco is an option for people who prefer dark coloured elements in their modular kitchen design. The striking black colour of Nero Greco is further embellished with the hint of marble white splashes that just screams opulence on another level.

Nero Greco can easily be implemented into creating a monochromatic dark kitchen aesthetic which can make your kitchen area stand out elegantly from the rest of the house.


Black isn’t the only dark colour that represents elegance and style. supporting Greco Nero for people with a taste for dark-ish kitchen aesthetics is Ossido Bruno. This elegant kitchen slab material comes in a striking copper colour as the base with cloudy shades of black that further embellishes its panache.

Ossido Bruno is for people who want to stand out from the common white and black colours for kitchen countertops.

Conclusion: Choose Stonelam For The Most Elegant Kitchen Slab Material Designs

We can talk about the properties of Stonelam Porcelain Slabs for kitchen all day long, but if there's one thing that doesn’t require any further introduction or explanation then that is the opulent aesthetics that Stonelam can bring to every modular kitchen interior. No other kitchen slab material can match the striking visuals of our porcelain slab designs and if you wish to have this same luxury in your very own kitchen, then choose Stonelam today.