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  • Blend Nero
Principal Architect,
Archihives (Delhi)

We have used Stonelam recently in one of our projects. The colours like graphite and ash was available, and we created beautiful panel. The material is very thin, everlasting, less maintenance, lightweight, no polishing and easy to install required. Stonelam collection is very beautiful.

AR. Kapil Agarwal
Principal Architect,
Spaces Architects (Delhi)

We have been working with Stonelam for more than 5 years now. We were looking for facades that would be durable yet aesthetically pleasing, and Stonelam rightly did the job.

AR. SK Goel
Principal Architect,
Conarch Architects (Delhi)

We have used it at many project sites. It has a great exterior finesse. We chose it because of its durability and maintenance and it has rightly lived upto our expectations.

Ar. Ashwani Duggal
Principal Architect,
Subash and Associates (Ambala)

Stonelam Laminam is one solution for facade, also give houses rich look. Favourite thing is textures, which vary from plain shades to metal shades.

Ar. Sanjay Sareen
Principal Architect,
Founder Eternity Architects (New Delhi)

Stonelam has a wide variety in terms of good texture and overall effect. Stonelam Laminam is one solution for facade, also give houses rich look.

AR. Rudrakash Charan
Principal Architect,
42 mm Architecture (Delhi)

Stonelam is a brilliant product. We are very glad that the product is light and replaces a lot of conventional products like heavy tiles, sandstones.

AR. Archana Aggarwal
Principal Architect,
Architects India (Delhi)

I am in this field for 30 years. It’s been long and I have used many different materials. The best part of Stonelam is its thinness is about 3mm and that gives me a lot of freedom for various usages on different surfaces

Principal Architect,
Kal Designs (Mumbai)

Laminam is a much revered European product which ensures superior quality by taking in consideration the Indian lifestyle and conditions.

Senior Architect,
SEZA (Mumbai)

Stonelam is an excellent product and has been an all-weather product.Its thin flat sheet makes it lighter in weight compared to marble.