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5 Opulent and Elegant Kitchen Slab Material designs for your countertops

Published: June 22, 2022

A kitchen countertop is the most important aspect of a modular kitchen design. Your kitchen countertop can decide the aesthetic flow of your entire kitchen


Debunking Common Myths About Stonelam Porcelain Slabs

Published: MARCH 19, 2022

Stonelam is responsible for bringing Italy’s finest natural facades, Laminam, to the Indian population with the aim to take the quality of wall cladding solutions to a more deluxe level.


4 Reasons Why Stonelam is better than ACP & HPL for facade solutions

Published: MARCH 15, 2022

When it comes to building facade solutions, the majority of people opt for something that is simply beautiful to look at.


Stonelam porcelain slabs magnificent collection for building facades

Published: FEBRUARY 14, 2022

Born out of natural resources and engineered to perfection, Stonelam Porcelain Slabs are nothing short of a work of fine art.


What are the best 9 types of exterior cladding material?

Published: FEBRUARY 8, 2022

The building facade is the first impression in the observer’s eye, and therefore it holds greater value. As a result, we want the facade design to be aesthetically attractive and timeless. In such cases, choosing the right exterior cladding...


9 Reasons that make Stonelam the best facade material

Published: FEBRUARY 4, 2022

Stonelam facades are designed to reinvent architectural design and derive inspiration from nature. The highly precise engineering offers the world's thinnest and largest slabs that exude grace and appeal.


Stonelam: An exclusive distributor in India for the finest facade & wall cladding materials from Laminam Spa, Italy

Published: JANUARY 31, 2022

Laminam Spa, Italy has been the pioneer in producing ceramic slabs that are manufactured out of naturally found resources.