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Stonelam Laminam Introduces Bathroom Worktops & Floorings

October 2018 The colours remain unaltered and the material does not absorb humidity. These ceramic slabs are perfect for use in the most sensitive places where the utmost care needs to be taken with cleanliness.
Stonelam Laminam slabs can be applied to cover both the walls and the floors as well as the drawer unit, creating an enveloping sense of spatial continuum with a strong visual impact, demonstrating the versatility of application of this ceramic product in even the most sensitive settings, such as bathrooms and shower rooms, spas, bath suites, to emphasize the architectural feel of the restrooms. The relaxing effect is assured by the total look of the bathroom which has been recreated through the use of a single Stonelam Laminam surface for both horizontal and vertical applications, in two different sizes and thickness 1620x3240x12mm for the horizontal surfaces and 1000x3000x5mm for the flooring and wall cladding, as a valid alternative to marble and stone materials.